The Steam press has a pressure steam system and has a Teflon coated heating plate which is somewhat hotter for the user than the non-steam version. The steam is very effective where an occasional shot of steam is required for creases in trousers etc. and should not be compared to the continuous flow of a steam iron. For extremely dry clothing an extra damping down with the spray bottle is recommended. This is an excellent press providing steam is used as an aid rather than for continuous use, and distilled water is used for the steam boiler. It may require more long-term maintenance and have a slightly shorter lifespan than the non-steam version due to the presence of water.
So simple to use on everything from trousers to shirts or blouses, steam press will zip through any garment in half the time.
Saves time and effort. Simply close the press with fingertip control, the pressure is automatic, the effect stunning.
Leave your steam press closed and the electronic alarm sounds
after 30 seconds and the power is automatically cut off.
Our presses use very little energy, about the same as a normal iron
thanks to its special heating plate.
From cotton to silk, from yokes to shaped parts, the last time you sawthe garment looking this good was when you bought it brand new!
A professional "dry cleaners finish" in half the time without the cost!
Fastpress is perfect for pressing intricate, detailed items and makesshort work of awkward corners and tucks.
Give them back that brand new "just out of the
packet" look every time! T-shirts are done in a
flash with Fastpress.
Fastpress handles tough denim in a jiffy. One light touch presses bothsides at once without the shine from a hand-held iron.
You'll be amazed how quickly Fastpress deals with sheets, tablecloths, napkins, etc, the largestitems can be folded into the ample space at the back of the board.