1. Will it do shirts ?

Yes, shirts are amazingly easy. An everyday shirt is easily ironed in 1or 2 minutes once you have learnt the technique which is fully explained in the instruction video.

2. Is it quicker than normal ironing?

Yes, most users report that it saves them half or more of their normal ironing time.

3. Is it easy to use?

Yes. Customers report that after a short period it is very easy and convenient to use.

4. Do you iron sitting down or standing up?

The ironing press is designed to be used sitting down ironing is a lot more comfortable that way.

5. What about complicated items?

Anything that is difficult with an iron is still difficult on a press but with a bit of practice and the use of the pads provided you can iron most items.

6. Is it heavy?

It weights 12kg, most people find it a reasonable weight to pick up and put on the table.

7. Does the steam press use a lot more energy than a normal iron?

No, steam press use very little energy, about the same as a normal iron in overall hourly running costs. They cost approx. 8-10p an hour to run - but you will use it for less than a normal iron

8. Does it take up a lot of room?

It folds for easy storage and takes up less room than an iron and an ironing board.

9. How long will it last?

The steam press is very well made and should last you around 10 years if well looked after.

10. Does it need any maintenance?

Apart from wiping the heating plate after use and occasionally replacing the ironing covers and pads there is no maintenance required.

11. What if it goes wrong?

We carry all spares for the press. We have repairers in many areas and where we don't we pick it up and repair it and return it to you. We guarantee spares availability for the life of the press and the prices are very reasonable.